about jules

so! you’ve made it to the bio page.

i am a composer of music – songs, jingles, and some scores – a session singer, and a voiceover artist. i was also with independent label downtown records from its inception in january of 2006 through april of 2012, working in a&r.

i’ve worked in the field of music performance for nearly two decades (admittedly, i got my start a little early) singing background and lead session vocals for children’s records. over the years i’ve honed my skills singing for other people, and i’ve been lucky enough to sing many a demo for composers writing for major artists such as hillary duff, lindsay lohan, and brie larson, perform backgrounds for artists like flame-haired-friend brett dennen, and arrange for singer-songwriters such as william fitzsimmons, among many other amazing local new york artists.

through that world, i found that i also have a talent and passion for voiceover. i’ve realized the common thread is just… making things. there’s something magical about delivering a performance that previously only lived in someone’s mind: bringing about something tangible out of all of the intangible. and that’s essentially how i arrived here.

of course, one of the most gratifying pieces of that process is actually writing music, which i have been doing for a bit over ten years now. i began writing as an artist myself, but over the years have found that writing for other people is equally wonderful. i am guided by the same principal as in voiceover and session singing: achieving that ephemeral performance for someone within a specific set of guidelines. it can be true song – four minutes of verse, prechorus, chorus, bridge – or an abbreviated version in the form of a jingle, or an extended and less structured score.

at heart, i consider myself a writer, and i approach all of my performance with that sensibility. i am most concerned with what serves a piece best, whether i am singing, speaking, or composing it myself. it’s always about what makes a stanza of music or a paragraph of copy a little jewel of something incredible, conveying a depth of emotion and perspective in four chords or thirty seconds. my job is to determine what performance serves that jewel of composition best.

for a little more on what i’ve done, please check out the resumés on each page. feel free to reach out if you’d like a more in-depth run down of my professional history and previous/current clients.